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I have always loved sewing and craft - at the age of 10 I was making clothes for my younger sister’s dolls - that was a fiddly job!

During lockdown juggling being a single mother to two boys with a freelance professional job became increasingly difficult and stressful. In looking for ways to unwind and relax I turned back to craft - sewing and creating beautiful things makes me smile and feel a sense of achievement.

As we’re all spending more time in our homes then our thoughts turn to decoration - to making events special - whether that’s a child’s birthday party, Halloween or Christmas. My aim is to create beautiful things that are handmade, long lasting, environmentally friendly (i.e. not made from plastic!) that make you smile when you look at them or add a touch of something different and unique to your home.

Initially the focus will be on decorations for Christmas, I hope to expand to create ranges for birthdays and also to feature activities for children to be able to participate in.

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